How It Works

The process of starting your own nail polish line is quite simple. The first step is to pick your packaging option.

Option #1:



The process is quite simple: We offer start-up companies the opportunity to start small and grow their business. The minimum order is 288 bottles and you must order in multiples of 24 (24 bottles x 12 colors = 288 bottles). If you order under this option, the bottle is the one pictured above. It is our item #8248, known as the Lisa 10. You may order as many colors as you like, but you must order 24 bottles of each color or nail treatment.

The bottles of polish are $3.05 or $3.70 each – depending on which cap you choose. The standard packaging is the bottle with the silver-toned cap (#8054). There are various cap options as shown on our site.  Additional caps may be viewed on our website, The LISA bottle with a regular black, white, or silver cap would be $3.05, while the same bottle with a luxury cap is $3.70.

We imprint a logo directly on the bottle and we place an ingredient label with a clear background and text, in your choice of black or silver, to the back of each bottle. A sticker on the bottom of each bottle with your color name and/or number is also included.

Start up costs:• $40 Artwork Charge• $125 Plate Charge

 Please note:  Reorders for Option #1 must always be for 288 bottles or more.


Option #2:


For those who would like to order a different bottle or a larger quantity, we offer Option #2. The minimum order is 1,008 bottles, and the bottles are imprinted directly with your logo.

In this case, you select the bottle and the cap you want from those that are featured on our website. Let us know the quantity you wish to order, as well as the bottle and cap numbers, and we will give you a price quote.

In this option, you choose 14 colors (72 bottles per color). As in Option #1, you can choose as many colors as you wish and as many total bottles as you like. However, you must select the colors in multiples of 72 (72, 144, or 288 per color, and so on). Believe me when I say that selecting your colors will be a fun problem!

Start up costs: • $40 Artwork Charge • $125 Plate Charge


Quality Colors, and Production Time:

Our polish is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and is FREE FROM THE FOLLOWING INGREDIENTS:  Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens and Acetone.

Our color chart is a good way to select your initial colors or samples, but please note that each computer screen is different, so colors may appear slightly different in real life. If you really want to know what a color is like, please order a sample. Our nail polish comes in different finishes, such as sheer, cream, neon, metallic, matte and glitter.

Production time for a new order is 6-8 weeks. Reorders usually take 4 weeks.


Sample Policy:

Samples are $2.75 each plus shipping. If you place a Private Label order with us, we will issue a credit of up to $24.00 ($1.00 for each sample purchased), to apply towards your first Private Label order within 90 days. You may also purchase a “Complete Color Library” containing every one of our colors and nail treatments ($425.00 including shipping). Please note that samples are only sent in the Lisa bottle with the silver toned cap.

Shipping charges for samples of 1 to 24 bottles are additional, and we ship via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery to enable you to track your shipment.


Custom Colors, Formulations, or Bottles:

We can provide you with custom nail colors if you wish. However, this is a service that is traditionally used by larger customers, as the requirement is for a 5 gallon purchase per color. The procedure is as follows:

• You provide us with a fabric swatch or a nail polish color you wish to duplicate, or a Pantone color number

• We ask the lab to make up a sample according to your specifications. This takes 3-4 weeks

• If you approve the sample sent by the lab, we will then get you a price (per gallon) for the total 5 gallon purchase. If you want us to fill for you, we will also provide a price for decorating and filling in the packaging you have selected. When we fill your custom shades, please note that we must fill all 5 gallons at the same time. We do not offer a storage program.

• The lab takes 6-7 weeks to actually produce the 5 gallons ordered

We do not provide custom-designed bottles. This is something you would have to arrange directly with a bottle manufacturer.

One last thing: We do not estimate shipping costs. We ship from Sunrise, FL 33351 and typically use FedEx Ground, because they provide us with good service at very good rates.

I hope this answers some of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to call me or email me your questions. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you achieve the look you want for your new line of nail polish. When you are ready to place your order (whether for samples or your actual line), simply fill out the Private Label Info Form, and return it with the credit card authorization. Thank you for your interest.