Nail Treatments In Mini Bottles

With the spring comes change, and we’re betting nail care is going to be in high demand. Offer your clients a chance to take care of their nails between appointments with take home, mini nail treatments. We offer a wide selection of treatments to choose from. For touchups between manicures, offer them our 19607 Super Dry or 19634 Scratch Repair. For general nail care, offer them a cuticle oil, such as 19613 Almond Cuticle Oil, or a treatment such as the 19632 7-in-1 Elixir. Or try one of our many other treatments.

We offer all mini nail treatments in a 8135 Raquel 7 bottle, which hold 7ml of a treatment and has a .75” w X .75” h imprint area.

These mini treatments may be purchase by themselves, in an organza bag, or as a 4 piece set (in an acetate box). The minimum order quantity is 50 Pieces/Sets.
Individual bottles are $1.75, Single bottles in an organza bag are $2.00, and the 4-piece acetate gift set is $8.00. There is also a one-time plate charge of $50.00.

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