What Is “Vegan” Nail Polish

People often ask if our nail polish is “Vegan”. While many nail polish lines label themselves as “Vegan” or “Vegan Friendly”, the reality is that “Vegan” is a term only accurately used when referencing food. We can, however, tell you that no animal by-products are used in our nail polish line and that we do not test on animals.

For many years animal by-products were commonly used in nail polish. As a whole, the cosmetics industry had been in the hot seat, thanks to its heavy use of animal by-products and animal cruelty. In nail polish, however, animal by-products were easily removed from the common nail polish recipe. While not as commonly used, some nail polishes may still contain small traces.

Today if animal by-products are used, it is in small amounts, though you should be on the lookout for other uses. A fairly common use is in metallic and shimmery shades. Check the ingredients labels for the words “pearl” or “guanine”, fish scales which are used in the polish to create this sparkle. We are proud to say that our shimmery shades are created with the mineral Mica, keeping them animal by-product free.

If you intend to create a line that is 100% free of animal by-products and have concerns, a sales associate would be happy to talk to you. It is especially important to express this concern when creating custom shades for your line.



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