Fall 2020- Sign Of The Times Collection

Introducing 6 new Fall shades! The inspiration for this collection was the need for kindness, caring, and unity during these trying times. We are all in this together and, as difficult as it is, we need to lift each other up.

  • 596 – There Is Hope
  • 597 – Lend A Hand
  • 598 – United We Stand
  • 599 – Sincere Heart
  • 600 – Peaceful Mind
  • 601 – Be Kind

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Go natural with our Soy based Products

The arrival of cool fall air brings many things we love… fluffy sweaters, hot coffee & ciders, bonfires… and one thing we don’t love. Dried out skin. It is easy to apply lotions and oils to keep our skin soft and moisturized, but one area that is easily neglected is our nails. Show some love to your nails the next time you give yourself a manicure by using quality nail care items.

The first step to keeping your nails healthy is by applying a moisturizing cuticle oil.  Whether you paint your nails or not, a quality cuticle oil will keep your nails healthy throughout the dry fall and winter months. We offer 4 different cuticle oils for you to choose from, our favorite being The Soy Cuticle Oil  which is offered in 2 formulations. This oil is 96% Bio Based and designed to help strengthen and treat the nails and cuticles. Even those that are already dried out or cracked. The Essential Oils and Vitamins added to the cuticle oil formulas help to promote cell growth.

Standard nail polish removers, both acetone and non-acetone, strip the nail of its natural oils, drying out the nail and cuticle. For this reason, we offer a solution in our Soy Based Nail Polish Remover. This is a natural, healthy solution to the nail color removal process. Not only does it keep the nail moisturized, it also smells great. Our soy based nail polish remover is available with or without Vitamins A, C & E, and a variety of essential oils can be added, allowing full customization.

Now that your nails are healthy, finish off the natural look with a nude shade. We offer 21 nude shades so you can find the perfect shade for your skin tone and that of your customers.  To ensure nail health, our polish formula is a high quality, 10-free, Vegan Friendly formulation. Visit our color chart to find the perfect nudes for your private label line as well as ways to customize and brand your own Soy Cuticle Oil and Soy Polish Remover.

Our Favorites Summer Colors | 2019

This summer, we’re hot for the best nail colors. With our shade range of 250+ shades, we are highlighting a variety of our favorite summer picks for you to incorporate in your line.

With natural nails taking trend, our top picks are 389: Cherry Blossom and 540: Pure Innocence. These shades are the perfect balance between natural and classic.

When thinking about summer, your clients are thinking of two things: tropical vacations and tan glowing skin.

Want to show off that summer tan? Try #276 Red Hot Nights or the Color of the Year #566 One in a Melon for a pop of color that will be sure to make their tan glow.

If they are going on a vacation this summer and searching for the perfect nail color to hold with your umbrella drink on vacation, we recommend #514 Tiddly Pinks and #407 Corn-Silk-y-Smooth. These two timeless summer shades incorporate fun and fashion at the same time.

Regardless of your clients’ color preferences, we can ensure that our 10 Free, Vegan Friendly, long lasting polish colors will keep their manicures fresh and vibrant throughout their summer vacations.

Want the option for your clients to take their color on vacation? Check out our mini polish bottles, perfect size for traveling throughout the summer.

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Color Trends Fall & Winter 2018/19

Normally, in a season full of neutrals, we have seen a surprising amount of vibrant shades emerging. This is largely due to consumer’s new found awareness of the impact and meaning of color, and willingness to make braver color choices.
Vivid blues and reds are dominating this season with staple shades such as Pantone 19-1536 Red Pear, Pantone 18-1549 Valiant Poppy, and Pantone 18-4048 Nebulas Blue. While blues and reds make a bold staple color, Pantone 18-0625 Martini Olive, and Pantone 15-0850 Ceylon Yellow create a high contrast base color palette of primary colors.

Accenting the main shades, we have Pantone 12-0740 Limelight, Pantone 16-1255 Russet Orange, Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet, Pantone 15-3520 Crocus Petal, and Pantone 18-5025 Quetzal Green, adding an imaginative effervescent glow to the pallet.

To keep the color group grounded, Pantone announced five core colors: Pantone 19-4031 Sargasso Sea, Pantone 11-4801 Tofu, Pantone 14-1116 Almond Buff, Pantone 14-4107 Quiet Gray, and Pantone 16-1438 Meerkat. This new array of colors has enriched the group with a stable, neutral base to the pallet.

Two additional bright pink shades, Pantone 15-1515 Mellow Rose and Pantone 18-2045 Pink Peacock were prevalent in the Fall and Winter London fashion week report.

We suggest the following shades:

Pantone 19-1536 Red Pear – # 475 Sitting on cloud wine
Pantone 18-1549 Valiant Poppy – #520 Plant Your Sugar Lips Here
Pantone 18-4048 Nebulas Blue – #416 Cobalt Deep
Pantone 18-0625 Martini Olive- #426 Olive Juice
Pantone 15-0850 Ceylon Yellow- #548 Ceylon Yellow
Pantone 12-0740 Limelight- #60107 On the Verge
Pantone 16-1255 Russet Orange- #6083T Orange Peel
Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet- #60023 Grape-ilicous
Pantone 15-3520 Crocus Petal- #514 Tiddly Pinks
Pantone 18-5025 Quetzal Green- #326 Teal My Heart Away
Pantone 19-4031 Sargasso Sea- #383 Park City Blues
Pantone 11-4801 Tofu- #413 Posh Pink
Pantone 14-1116 Almond Buff- #418 French Kiss
Pantone 14-4107 Quiet Gray- #354N Concrete Jungle
Pantone 16-1438 Meerkat- #60029 Mocha
Pantone 15-1515 Mellow Rose- #60039 Pretty Pink Bikini
Pantone 18-2045 Pink Peacock- #483 Burano Berry

Halal Cosmetics Grow In Popularity

Halal Cosmetics Grow in Popularity


In just the past year we have begun to see a growth in the Halal Nail polish market.  For years it has been a source of frustration for Muslim women who participate in wudu, a washing ritual that takes place before prayer and requires that water touch every part of the body. As standard polish is not water-permeable, Muslim women either have to remove the polish between prayers or, more often, not wear it at all.  The female Muslim community has finally said “enough” and the demand for Halal Nail Polish continues to grow.

There are many different formulations of water permeable, breathable nail polish on the market. Some may allow more liquid to pass through the polish film, than another, but as long as the water can permeate the nail polish, they are both considered to be water permeable.  While all of our halal polish comes from a halal certified facility, only certain formulations are specifically formulated to be water permeable.   Currently, we offer 14 shades of  Halal Breathable Polish  along with a Halal Certified  Topcoat. (View here under the “Type” filter). Six new shades are currently in production for Fall 2018, and we welcome suggestions for new colors as well.

Nail Treatments In Mini Bottles

With the spring comes change, and we’re betting nail care is going to be in high demand. Offer your clients a chance to take care of their nails between appointments with take home, mini nail treatments. We offer a wide selection of treatments to choose from. For touchups between manicures, offer them our 19607 Super Dry or 19634 Scratch Repair. For general nail care, offer them a cuticle oil, such as 19613 Almond Cuticle Oil, or a treatment such as the 19632 7-in-1 Elixir. Or try one of our many other treatments.

We offer all mini nail treatments in a 8135 Raquel 7 bottle, which hold 7ml of a treatment and has a .75” w X .75” h imprint area.

These mini treatments may be purchase by themselves, in an organza bag, or as a 4 piece set (in an acetate box). The minimum order quantity is 50 Pieces/Sets.
Individual bottles are $1.75, Single bottles in an organza bag are $2.00, and the 4-piece acetate gift set is $8.00. There is also a one-time plate charge of $50.00.