Go natural with our Soy based Products

The arrival of cool fall air brings many things we love… fluffy sweaters, hot coffee & ciders, bonfires… and one thing we don’t love. Dried out skin. It is easy to apply lotions and oils to keep our skin soft and moisturized, but one area that is easily neglected is our nails. Show some love to your nails the next time you give yourself a manicure by using quality nail care items.

The first step to keeping your nails healthy is by applying a moisturizing cuticle oil.  Whether you paint your nails or not, a quality cuticle oil will keep your nails healthy throughout the dry fall and winter months. We offer 4 different cuticle oils for you to choose from, our favorite being The Soy Cuticle Oil  which is offered in 2 formulations. This oil is 96% Bio Based and designed to help strengthen and treat the nails and cuticles. Even those that are already dried out or cracked. The Essential Oils and Vitamins added to the cuticle oil formulas help to promote cell growth.

Standard nail polish removers, both acetone and non-acetone, strip the nail of its natural oils, drying out the nail and cuticle. For this reason, we offer a solution in our Soy Based Nail Polish Remover. This is a natural, healthy solution to the nail color removal process. Not only does it keep the nail moisturized, it also smells great. Our soy based nail polish remover is available with or without Vitamins A, C & E, and a variety of essential oils can be added, allowing full customization.

Now that your nails are healthy, finish off the natural look with a nude shade. We offer 21 nude shades so you can find the perfect shade for your skin tone and that of your customers.  To ensure nail health, our polish formula is a high quality, 10-free, Vegan Friendly formulation. Visit our color chart to find the perfect nudes for your private label line as well as ways to customize and brand your own Soy Cuticle Oil and Soy Polish Remover.

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