Halal Cosmetics Grow In Popularity

Halal Cosmetics Grow in Popularity


In just the past year we have begun to see a growth in the Halal Nail polish market.  For years it has been a source of frustration for Muslim women who participate in wudu, a washing ritual that takes place before prayer and requires that water touch every part of the body. As standard polish is not water-permeable, Muslim women either have to remove the polish between prayers or, more often, not wear it at all.  The female Muslim community has finally said “enough” and the demand for Halal Nail Polish continues to grow.

There are many different formulations of water permeable, breathable nail polish on the market. Some may allow more liquid to pass through the polish film, than another, but as long as the water can permeate the nail polish, they are both considered to be water permeable.  While all of our halal polish comes from a halal certified facility, only certain formulations are specifically formulated to be water permeable.   Currently, we offer 14 shades of  Halal Breathable Polish  along with a Halal Certified  Topcoat. (View here under the “Type” filter). Six new shades are currently in production for Fall 2018, and we welcome suggestions for new colors as well.

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